How To Eco-Clean Your Leather Rug?

Leather rugs are perfect for high traffic areas, a fact which is not known by many people. Usually, we fear a leather rug will be trashed too soon, so we avoid them at all costs. But there is no need, as leather rugs are far sturdier than you might think.
To start with, a leather rug is resistant to stains, so go buy your favourite cowhide rugs online and let’s have a look on how to clean them with household products, the natural and cheap way, in order to maintain their unique look and feel.

Remove liquid spills from your animal skin rug

After you’ve bough your dreamy cowhide rugs online your kids spilled soda on it. Now problem! Just stay calm and remove the liquid with a cloth, then wash the rug with a soft alkaline solution. Animal skins are more sensitive to pH changes, compared to vegetable and synthetic materials, so you need to use a solution which will preserve the pH balance of the skin. 95% water and 5% vinegar is great to remove odours and stains from the rug.

Off with the grease stains

To remove grease stains from your rug you first need to make sure there are no grease leftovers, so use a cloth or a brush, scrapping in the same direction as the rug fibres. Then pour organic eucalyptus oil on the stain and proceed to carefully rub the area with a dry cloth. Wipe everything with a dry cloth and air dry the rug.

Remove the dry stains from your rug

Just like you did with the grease, brush the remaining food from the area, then apply a non-alkaline soap solution. The vinegar-water solution used for removing liquid spills is also good to remove the solid stains from the rug. To dry the rug, keep it in a low traffic yet well aerated area and allow it to dry at room temperature.

Steam cleaning for a perfect finish

If you find that your animal skin rug is stained and has a funny smell, you may want to steam-clean it. This is a simple process. Before you start, just vacuum the rug and remove dust. Use the steam cleaner in the same direction with the fibres or the fur and don’t insist too much on a specific area. When you are done, allow the rug to air dry.

Between two steam cleaning routines you can shake out the dust from your rug the old fashion way. Have the rug hanging on a fence or clothesline, outside and take a broom stick or a baseball bat, proceeding to hit the rug repeatedly. This will shake out all the dust and debris from it and extends the period between two regular maintenance cleaning routines.

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