How To Start A Courier Service Company

A courier service is a company that delivers packages from one location to another as per customer requirements for a fee. Although running a courier business can be lucrative, there are some practical and logistical considerations that you must take in to account very seriously. However, with some time and effort exerted in to doing the necessary research and making arrangements for its operations, you can start up a courier service without much of a hassle. Take a look at a few basic steps that you must consider.

Determine your service area and packages

One of the first criteria you must evaluate is the scope of your service area. Do you want to cater to the market in your immediate locality or do you want to offer your services globally like transport packages to other countries? On a larger scale you would be competing with established companies such as FedEx and overseas charges can be expensive. However, local services such as a birthday gift delivery in Sydney or other packages are reasonable scopes to start off with. The next criteria to consider are the type of packages you want to handle, whether they are small packages for example up to five kilograms or bigger ones.

Get advice

Regardless of whether you have a strong business background, it is unlikely that you can gauge all the aspects of setting up and managing a new business all on your own. You have to network with individuals in the industry or people who use such services regularly to find out what their thoughts are. As this type of service can be required by anyone from a corporate office to a household with childrens wooden toys providing a fun for kids to be delivered, it is important to be professional in the services you provide. Meantime, consult a business attorney to discuss matters on licensing, zoning laws and any other legal formalities that you need to be aware of. Speaking to an accountant will help you better understand how to organize your financials. It is also important at this stage to determine how customers can pay you and what payment options you will be offering.


Some basic equipment will be needed for you to get started with your courier service. The most important and crucial asset is the type of vehicle that will be used for the service. This will depend on the type of packages you choose to deliver, so a bike or small car for small packages can be used while transporting larger items will require a truck. You must take in to account the initial costs for the vehicles when you are planning out your budget.