Sell Online to Expand Your Reach and Maximise Profits

If you’re running your own store and you’re not doing business online, you’re missing out on a massive proportion of your potential customers. A huge percentage of Australians use the Internet to research, review and buy products, and you need to make sure not only that your products are right there where they can see them – but that they’re easily ordered and purchased online. This is particularly important when it comes to reaching potential customers in remote regional locations, as studies have shown that they are more likely to make their purchases on the Internet. Think of the massive selling potential of being able to sell not just to people who happen to walk past your store, but to people all over the country – and even the world!

But it’s not just the massive number of untapped Internet users that should spur you into action when it comes to the world of ecommerce – there are also as number of other reasons why this is the way of the future for successful businesses. For one thing, a website doesn’t have opening hours; people can shop in your virtual store at any time of the day or night. This means your products are working for you while you sleep.

Ecommerce also allows you to easily track your sales, meaning you have a clear record of what products are selling and what aren’t, what customers are looking at and what they’re deciding not to buy. When they place their orders and fill out their details, it also gives you a good idea of where most of your buyers are based, allowing you to more effectively target your market with your future marketing campaigns. Advertising to your new visitors is also made easier with your online selling platform, with email marketing allowing you to target specific users. This is also a much cheaper way to spruik your products than traditional advertising methods.

Another thing online selling lets you do is tap into the smart phone phenomenon which, given the estimated figures of how many people make purchases on the move using their mobile device, is invaluable to your business.  Studies have shown that over 1 million Australians shop online using their smart phone device, with 4 million using it for researching products before buying. Plus, judging by the exponential increase in the uptake of smart phone technology, these numbers will only keep increasing.

Finally, it’s important to move into the online marketplace if only so you don’t get left behind. This is one of the few times when the excuse ‘but everybody’s doing it!’ is a valid one. Online sales are growing all the time, with research showing that in excess of 60% of Australian adult internet users made a purchase on the internet in 2011 alone. In the same year, Australian businesses processed $143 billion worth of Internet purchases – which amounted to a 15% increase on 2010 figures.

Join the online shopping phenomenon today!