What To Be Careful Of When Wearing Contacts

As much as it is easy to wear contacts, there is always that extra care you need to take and be mindful of when it comes to these. This is because unlike glasses that are worn inches away from your eyes, these contacts are worn directly on the eye. And so that means messing about with these would and could, cause serious infections and diseases. So here are some precautionary steps to take when wearing contacts.

Take them off at night

Those that wear contacts know that at some point or the other, dealing with taking these off, becomes too much of a hassle especially when you are dreaming about that comfortable sleep and sweet dreams. However, going to sleep with them on, is a definite no, no, and is something you should avoid doing. This is because when you such Acuvue one day lenses, there is a block of oxygen to your eye preventing it from functioning as usual with the exposure to natural oxygen that it uses when your eyes are left open. Also when your eyes are closed with these left on, they become more vulnerable to possible infections and such, especially because all that dust and grime collected are being pushed towards the cornea. So taking them off at night or before you sleep at any point of the day, is essential.

Don’t wear them while showering

If you are swimming or showering or directly exposed to water in your eye, avoid wearing these contact lens online in Hong Kong. This is because these waters, including tap water, house an organism called acanthamoeba which may cause eye infections. And this may come in contact while you are swimming or showering in water. So be sure to take them off beforehand.

Change the solution

At some point, we become either lazy or too stingy or we simply don’t seem to care about certain things. And one of those such things is the solution these lenses are stored in. Changing this solution might seem like a waste of money but it is necessary that you change this solution every time you wear and store back these contacts. This way there is a better room for disinfecting these in a cleaner solution, prepping it to a better state for the next time you decide to wear it.

Don’t try out alternatives

Use only the solution that is prescribed for disinfecting these lenses. Don’t ever try to improvise with saline or any other disinfecting agents. Not only would it not help at all, but it could cause serious damage to your sight when you decide to wear it. Your eye is very sensitive and being exposed to risky experiments isn’t something you should be dabbling with. So skip out on those alternatives and stick with whatever that has been prescribed.

Follow the above and make sure you protect your eye while you also correct your sight with contacts!